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Why Does it Burn When I Urinate (pee)?

Anytime the body undergoes unexpected changes should warrant a concern. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to problematic results. These warnings are the body’s way to indicate that something is off and when the warnings are ignored, the problems worsen. However, when vigilant and attentive towards these indicators, they can be treated during an early stage. In the case of feeling a burning sensation while urinating, this alarm simply cannot be ignored. If experiencing this pain while urinating, there is a strong chance the body has contracted a urinary tract infection (UTI). A UTI is a general term that covers an infection involving the urinary system which includes: kidneys, ureters, bladder, and the urethra. While most infections exist in the lower bladder, a UTI left untreated that spreads to other organs can prove to be incredibly serious. The most common symptom of a UTI is a burning sensation while urinating, but it is not the only one. Additionally, if you are experiencing a persistent urge to pee, passing small amounts of urine, cloudy urine, colored urine, or pelvic pain. Any one or combination of these symptoms could point towards a UTI. If you suspect you might have contracted a UTI, please contact us and we can begin working towards a solution for you.

Thinking you have a UTI can be a scary experience. The good news is you are not alone. This is a very common experience for people. If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with a UTI we can test and diagnose the issue. After a simple urine analysis, our team will be able to accurately diagnose the cause and prescribe the best treatment for the condition. For the duration of the antibiotic our team will remain to be a reliable resource for any questions or concerns along the way. Over the years, our clients have enjoyed the comfort and sympathy our doctors and healthcare professionals have offered while being knowledgeable towards treatment solutions. UTIs are highly treatable with antibiotics. In order to flush the infection out, it is important to finish the prescription that the doctor creates. 

Asurology is the premiere urologist in the greater Phoenix area. Hosting a wealth of experience, knowledge, passion, and personal care our team is equipped to help you with any urological need. Our comprehensive approach means personal care that you will appreciate. Scheduling an appointment with Asurology is incredibly easy. If you suspect that you might have a UTI you can give us a call at (602)-337-8500. Or use our convenient calendar tool through our website to make a visit to any of our three locations in Glendale, Phoeinix, or Scottsdale. If you ever have questions our office is always happy to answer those for you. With the Asurology personal touch, you always have a friend you can rely on for your health concerns.

ned to be able to treat all causes regardless of complications. All of our tests employ innovative technology that is aimed towards providing clear answers, limit discomfort, and to be quick. Our laboratory tests will screen for low testosterone, thyroid issues, and diabetic screenings. In addition to a hormonal screening, we will also utilize doppler tests to assess blood flow. Once testing is complete that information will be processed to create a custom treatment plan that is perfectly suited to treat each unique situation. Based on the custom treatment plan can be formulated our team is equipped to treat quickly and effectively.

Reach out and set up a consultation today and see why more and more men are trusting Asurology with their erectile dysfunction needs. Setting up a consultation is fast and easy. We have offices in three convenient locations in Glendale, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. With our commitment to customer care Asurology is the premiere urological office in the entire west valley. Give us a call with any sort of question you might have regarding your concerns and we will be happy to give you the best resources possible for you to make an informed decision to give yourself the gift of better health.

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