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Female Voiding Dysfunction

Voiding dysfunction describes a set of voiding complaints that occur when the coordination between the function of the bladder and the urethra becomes disjointed.

During normal urination, the urethra and the surrounding urinary sphincter relax while the detrusor muscle of the bladder contracts.

When an individuals suffers from voiding dysfunction, the urethra and sphincter fails to relax when the bladder contracts.

Causes of such a condition include neurologic dysfunction, failure of the pelvic muscle to relax or a combination of both conditions.

Common Voiding Dysfunction complaints include:

  • Inability to initiate flow
  • Incomplete bladder emptying
  • Weak urinary flow
  • Urgency and / or frequency
  • Post void dribbling

Therapy for the treatment of Voiding Dysfunction include:

  • Urethral dilation
  • Pelvic floor relaxation training
  • Medication such as muscle relaxant
  • Interstim™ therapy
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