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Why Should I See a Urologist?

Seeing a urologist can be one of the best choices you make this year to improve your overall health; however, many of us are unsure of when it is time to make the appointment. There are many misconceptions out there regarding what a urologist does and when someone should visit one. It is not a doctor for older men only. Rather, both men and women of any age may need to see a urologist for a variety of reasons. It is important to understand when it is correct to visit your primary care physician versus when a visit to the urologist is more appropriate. A urologist is an expert of the urinary tract and all the associated systems with specialized knowledge that can give you health, clarity, and direction for your health.

When deciding on a course of action for your health, it may be helpful to consider if you are experiencing any of these symptoms that would warrant a visit to the urologist. Some of the most common reasons clients schedule visits with us are concerning symptoms that affect men and women of all ages. If you are having issues with urination it might necessitate a visit with a urologist. Some of these experiences include: frequent urination, Urinary tract infection (UTI), blood in the urine, painful urination, or leaking urine. A urologist does much more than examining a patient’s problems with urination. In addition we diagnose and treat individuals dealing with kidney infections/ stones, problems with bladder control, and general pain or discomfort. Although these are some of the more common reasons our patients make an appointment with our team, however if you are experiencing a health complication and you believe that one of our specialists can help you out please do not hesitate to reach out and set up an appointment. 

A urologist has services for men and women despite any misconceptions people might have. There are some urology issues that are specific to men and women and our team at Asurology is perfectly suited to care for them. For any men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), testicular mass, and any prostate related complications. Most prostate related issues are characterized by frequent urination or feeling a need to urinate and having a weak stream. In order to be proactive and preventative in their health, men should regularly visit a urologist starting at age 40. The best way to maintain health and wellness is regular visits and being preventative to care for health problems as they arise. It is important for women to also understand when they need to visit a urologist as well. At Asurology we offer specialized care for women’s urological health. Fallen bladder is a condition where the bladder, a hollow organ that is highly supported by the front wall of the bladder, can weaken over time as a result of a number of reasons. Some of those include age, menopause, and giving birth. There are different stages of fallen bladder that will dictate the sort of plan that we can personally create for each individual client. 

Asurology is the leading men’s and women’s urological health in the greater Phoenix area. Employing a combination of specialized knowledge, friendly care, and innovative technologies means that our team is especially qualified to give you the personal care that you need in order to give you the best treatment available for your health. The comprehensive approach we utilize means that you get the best care for your issues. No one person’s health is the same meaning we give each client personalized care that is best suited for their health. If you are experiencing a health complication consider setting an appointment with our team to regain your best health yet. 

The treatment options available with Asurology are specifically designed to be able to treat all causes regardless of complications. All of our tests employ innovative technology that is aimed towards providing clear answers, limit discomfort, and to be quick. Our laboratory tests will screen for low testosterone, thyroid issues, and diabetic screenings. In addition to a hormonal screening, we will also utilize doppler tests to assess blood flow. Once testing is complete that information will be processed to create a custom treatment plan that is perfectly suited to treat each unique situation. Based on the custom treatment plan can be formulated our team is equipped to treat quickly and effectively.

Reach out and set up a consultation today and see why more and more men are trusting Asurology with their erectile dysfunction needs. Setting up a consultation is fast and easy. We have offices in three convenient locations in Glendale, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. With our commitment to customer care Asurology is the premiere urological office in the entire west valley. Give us a call with any sort of question you might have regarding your concerns and we will be happy to give you the best resources possible for you to make an informed decision to give yourself the gift of better health.

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