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Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer has been diagnosed annually in approximately 80,000 Americans every year leading to nearly 18,000 deaths every single year. While it is more common for men to develop, it is also common for women. We have been able to diagnose, treat, and educate patients in Glendale, Phoenix, and Scottsdale area. When your body isn’t feeling right that can be a scary feeling. That is why we proudly serve our patients to give them a sense of security when their body doesn’t feel right. See why more and more people use Arizona State Urology for their urological care needs in Arizona. 

When it comes to comprehensive care and treatment, we are the premiere service for bladder cancer care. We are determined to help Arizona families the best way that we can. One way we do that is through increasing awareness of the signs. Some indicators that you or someone might have bladder cancer include: blood in the urine, dysuria, irregular frequency or urgency, passage of tissues or clots, and or pelvic/ lower back pain. If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms reach out and set up a consultation with our team. By being aware of the signs and symptoms, you increase your chances of successful treatment the sooner it can be detected. Bladder cancer, when found in the earlier stages, has a very high treatment rate. Your health is important to you and your loved ones contact us and see why residents in the west valley trust Asurology. 

Through innovative high quality technology, outstanding patient care, and a supportive staff Asurology has everything you need in your battle against bladder cancer. When discovered at an early stage, bladder cancer is highly treatable. It can be managed well through an endoscopic procedure called transurethral resection of the bladder tumor. Our team employs top rate technology, expert knowledge, and years of experience to ensure that this procedure can be performed successfully. An important service in order to prevent reoccurance of the cancer is to perform regular cystoscopies. Monitoring the return of the cancer is an essential part of the preventative process. From detection to treatment into prevention and maintenance Asurology has you covered every step of the way in your fight against bladder cancer. 

With three convenient locations in Glendale, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, Arizona State Urology is the premiere urologist in the west valley. It is one of the many reasons so many people have enjoyed using Asurology because they have a urologist near them that they can trust to receive the absolute best care in the state of Arizona. One of the ways we pride ourselves is how we make ourselves accessible to new and current patients. If you or someone you love are battling against bladder cancer, please reach out and talk with one of our knowledgeable and caring team members so we can work together to establish a plan designed to give you back the gift of your health. Find which location is closest to you and give us a call or book and appointment- it is fast, easy, and secure. 

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